Pricing and Information

Minneapolis Real Estate PhotographyMinneapolis Real Estate Photography


Residential Real Estate Photography

$175 up to 20 Photos - recommended for 0 - 2000 sq ft
$200 - 30 Photos - recommended for 2001 - 3000 sq ft 
$230 - 40 Photos - recommended for 3001 - 4000 sq ft 
$260 - 50 Photos - recommended for 4001 - 5000 sq ft 
$300 - 60 Photos - recommended for 5001 - 6000 sq ft 
$350 - 70 Photos - recommended for 6001 - 7000 sq ft
$400 - 80 Photos - recommended for 7001 - 8000 sq ft
$450 - 90 Photos - recommended for 8001 - 9000 sq ft

 Upgrade to the next size up if there is an extensive yard or more than average details you'd like captured.
Condos may have an additional $25-50 charge for amenity shots depending on number of areas included.
You will be billed at time of delivery based on the total number of photos delivered.

All Residential Real Estate Photography Packages Include:

- High resolution and mls size photos available for digital download. 
- Branded and Unbranded Virtual Tour Slideshows. Sample Virtual Tour.
- Client login area for customizing your virtual tour and creating flyers. 
- Viewer statistic reports emailed weekly. 
- Blue Sky Guarantee.


Matterport 3D Tour

0 - 2000 sq ft - $175 
2001 - 3000 sq ft - $200
3001 - 4000 sq ft - $225
4001 - 5000 sq ft - $250
5001 - 6000 sq ft - $275
6001 - 7000 sq ft - $300
7001 - 8000 sq ft - $325
8001 - 9000 sq ft - $350

Add a floor plan with measurements to your 3D Tour for $50.
Pricing for Matterport includes 1 year of hosting and does not include photos.


Floor Plans With Room Measurements

0 - 3000 sq ft - $125 
3001 - 6000 sq ft - $150
6001 - 9000 sq ft - $175


Aerial Drone Photography

City Lot - 5 Photos - $175 
Acreage and Lakeshore - 10-15 Photos - $200

$25 discount if photographed same day as an interior photo package.


Exteriors Only

Standard City Lot - 3-7 Photos - $100 
Acreage/Lakeshore/Landscaped Lot - 10-15 Photos - $125


Exterior Twilight Photography

Same Trip As Interior Photos - $175 
Separate Trip From Interior Photos - $200


Custom Editing

Virtual Staging - $40 per image 
Virtual Twilight - $35 per image
Extensive Editing - $60 per hour



Commercial/Non Residential Real Estate Photo Shoots

Commercial Real Estate, Businesses, Apartment Complexes, Hotels, Vacation Rental Properties, Designers, Architects, Etc. Contact us with details about your project for a custom quote: [email protected]



Additional Information

Coverage Area

We have 3 photographers located in Albertville, Golden Valley and Bloomington Minnesota. We service Minneapolis as well as the West, Northwest and South Suburbs. Travel fees may apply to properties in other areas. You will be notified prior to scheduling of any travel fees. 


Shoots are available Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm with the exception of twilight shoots which are scheduled around sunset. Shoots are not available on weekends. We are typically booked out 2-5 business days depending on time of year and location. Photos will be delivered by 12pm the following business day. While we will make every effort to deliver as quickly as possible, please allow up to 2 business days for floor plans, twilight photos, Matterport 3D tours and virtual staging.


For residential real estate orders, please fill out our order form and the photographer who best matches your location and requested date will contact you to confirm a time. Commercial shoots (Businesses, Apartment Complexes, Hotels, Vacation Rental Properties, Designers, Architects, Etc.) please email [email protected] to discuss and schedule your project.

Preparing For Photos

Please use our Prep Guide to help prepare for the best photos possible. If something looks out of place, we will happily suggest moving it however ultimately, the home should be photo ready upon the photographer's arrival. The photographer is not responsible for unwanted objects in the photos and is not responsible for cleaning or staging of the home. 

Cancellation Policy

We charge a $50 cancellation fee if cancelled within 24 hours of photo shoot, home is not ready for photos upon photographer's arrival or photographer is unable to gain access to the property at the scheduled time. Exceptions are made if rescheduling due to bad weather. Don't worry if the sun isn't out. Overcast days are great for shooting interiors and we will photoshop blue sky into the exteriors. We may recommend rescheduling due to heavy rain or heavy snow if it will effect the quality of our photos. 

Further Questions?

Email us at [email protected] and we will call or email you back asap.